iPhone 5 Battery Letting You Down? Apple Might Replace It—For Free

If your iPhone 5's battery just doesn't have the kick that it feels like it should, you might be able to get a new one for free. Apple has found that an apparently small batch of iPhone 5s (not the S or C) that "may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently." You can check if yours… » 8/22/14 6:31pm Yesterday 6:31pm

The One Card to Replace All the Plastic In Your Wallet Just Got Delayed

Coin is a beautiful dream, one techno card that voltrons all the plastic in your pocket into a single slim square. Getting to market is hard though; Coin just got delayed until the spring of 2015. » 8/22/14 1:28pm Yesterday 1:28pm

I Really Hope Samsung's VR Headset Doesn't Look This Doofy

Plenty of information has already leaked out about Samsung's upcoming "Gear VR" headset, including some pretty clear shots of how it looks on the eye side. Now a leak from SamMobile shows what appears to be the front plate, and—say it ain't so—it looks pretty dumb. » 8/22/14 11:10am Yesterday 11:10am

John Oliver On Ferguson: No, You Don't Need That Tank

It's no question that the police in Ferguson, Missouri are absurdly over-armed, and their LRADs, tear gas, and other military-grade gear are making things worse, not better. And on last night's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver did a spectacular job of breaking it all down in a way that's almost as funny as it is utterly… » 8/18/14 10:39am Monday 10:39am

Apple's New Lightning Cables Could Be Reversible on Both Ends

Apple's reversible Lightning connectors are a great little convenience, but you've still got to plug them into your wall wart or computer the right way, because USB connectors are horrible and out to get you. But according to accomplished Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, Apple's new Lightning cables could get reversible… » 8/17/14 12:15am 8/17/14 12:15am

The Xbox One Could Soon Stream TV Straight to Your Phone

Just a few months ago, Microsoft pushed out an update that lets you use your phone or tablet as a remote for your TV thanks to Xbox's SmartGlass app. Soon, it'll let you use your phone or tablet as a TV, with live streaming straight to your pocket. » 8/12/14 9:22am 8/12/14 9:22am

Cymbals Eat Guitars: Jackson

Ever since I saw them in a small, grimy room above a bar in Albany, New York, Cymbals Eat Guitars has been one of my favorite bands. Their album openers in particular repeatedly strike an epic, sprawling, noodley indie rock chord I just cant get enough of. And now that the band's third album is streaming on NPR,… » 8/11/14 7:13pm 8/11/14 7:13pm